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Accubright Systems, LLC
specialized cleaning solutions


High pressure blast cleaning of pipes.
High pressure blast cleaning of pipes

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Proud Member of The Lancaster Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Industrial pipe cleaning, historic building restoration, deck cleaning, deck restoration


We resolve tough and unusual specialized cleaning problems with the right answers. Whether your concerns are industrial, commercial, or residential – our team has likely confronted similar challenges.  Our capabilities include an array of unique tools, including dry ice blasters, chemical circulation systems, high-pressure water jets, hot water power washing, standard power washing and associated hydro cleaning and environmental cleaning systems.  For homeowners we offer deck cleaning and restoration, roof cleaning, vinyl siding cleaning, aluminum siding cleaning, stucco cleaning, mold and mildew removal – and many other exterior building cleaning services.

Our success is based on a strong work ethic and the willingness to give you the time and personalized attention required for your needs. Of course you expect professional service. The Accubright goal is make sure that you get what is truly important: professional results at a fair price.

ATTENTION HOMEOWNERS: Effective July 1, 2009, home improvement contractors must be registered with the Office of the Attorney General under Pennsylvania’s Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act.  The Act applies to individual contractors as well as businesses and each will issued a Pennsylvania Home Improvement Contractor number, or PAHIC #.  Applicants are required to have liability and property damage insurance of at least $ 50,000 for each.  For your protection, the contractor should also have Worker’s Compensation Insurance.  Unregistered contractors will be prohibited from performing home improvements in Pennsylvania.

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Accubright Systems LLC is fully insured. 
Our PAHIC # is: PA013883

Please take some time to browse through our site for more information on our specialized Dry Ice Blasting Services, Industrial Cleaning Services and Residential Cleaning Services. Are you looking for a cleaning service for your truck fleet? Then check out the Mobile Fleet Washing Services from our partner Superior Wash of PA.

We're here to serve you every day of the year.

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